Allies & Advocates: Stories of Diversity Champions


The MBA is proud to highlight those who serve as illustrations of how sponsorship and advocacy make critical differences in the way that people are able to function successfully in the practice of law. We hope to make this a regular section on our blog and newsletter so please submit your stories to MBA Executive Director, Sarah Martis at [email protected]. Submissions may be kept anonymous if so desired. 

Sometimes it just takes a short bridge from here to there. A moment where a particular connection is needed, a gesture of goodwill – and an associate continues on her path of success. That was my experience working as an associate under the supervision of attorney Steve Jacobs at Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, sc in Milwaukee.

My children were ages seven and five. Steve and I were preparing a key witness for deposition. He lived in the Atlanta area. We were there three weeks in a row. By the middle of week two, my kids were beside themselves. I had travelled regularly, but not on such a sustained basis. I was stressed because my kids were stressed. I expressed my angst to Steve, and he responded with such generosity. For the third week, my kids and my childcare provider flew down to Atlanta with me. We all stayed at the local Residence Inn. They went to the zoo during the day, and I got to see them every night, and read them bedtime stories, and do the things moms and kids do.

It was all we needed, all I needed. It released the pressure and we all continued as normal, me at my job and my kids in their pursuits. In meeting me where I was – as a mom, as an associate and as a valued attorney at the firm – Steve helped me bridge that short gap from here to there, from stress to success. I wonder how many other members of our legal community have similar “diversity champion” stories. On behalf of the Milwaukee Bar Association, I encourage you to share them.

- Hon. Ellen Brostrom

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