Liaison between the MBA and the courts; studies and suggests improvements in practice and procedure, including proposed legislative changes; maintains a general awareness of all conditions relating to the courts that may affect attorney practice and the public in general.
Mark Goldstein, Co-chair
Hon. William Pocan, Co-chair
Stacie Rosenzweig, Co-chair

Intentionally fosters institutional equity, diversity, and inclusion by creating educational and leadership opportunities, raising awareness, and providing strategies and tools to bring to life the vision of inclusive excellence.

Fee Arbitration
Maintains panels of volunteer attorneys who arbitrate fee disputes between attorneys and their clients.
Lawyer Referral & Information Service
Monitors issues and recommends policy to the Board of Directors related to the MBA's Lawyer Referral & Information Service.
Develop strategies for member services, retention of members, and welcoming new attorneys to the MBA.
Prepares and conducts the annual memorial service for local attorneys who have passed away during the preceding year.
Messenger Editorial Committee
Plans, writes and edits the MBA quarterly Magazine, the Messenger.