Probate Bench-Bar Committee 8/10 Meeting Take-Aways

Notes from the presentation:

• Introductions
     o Welcome Judge Dugan
     o Presenters: Judge Van Grunsven, Carmel Capati, Terri Graham, Al Polan, Martha Hernandez, Susan Rascon
• Health Care Facilities and Zoom
     o Hospitals (e.g., Rogers Memorial Hospital, Columbia St. Mary’s, Aurora, VA) can facilitate Zoom and have the equipment to do so
     o GAL’s and appointed counsel are encouraged to work through the petitioning attorney to arrange access to the proposed ward(s)
• Zoom Application
     o To get your client ready, have your client download the Zoom application
• Host and Co-Host Capabilities
     o Hosts have abilities that other participants do not have (e.g., waiting room, breakout rooms, muting unruly participants)
• Notice of Zoom Hearing
     o A form with the Meeting ID and Passcode will be sent to all parties identified on CCAP
     o It is the petitioning attorney’s responsibility to send this form to all interested parties, as some interested parties may not have been identified 
        on CCAP
• Breakout Rooms (licensed version of Zoom) - Demonstrated using meeting participants
• Simultaneous Interpreting Demonstration with Spanish Speaker
     o Globe icon allows selection of language; interpreter will be muted for all participants other than the person for whom the interpretation is being
     o If an interpreter is needed, contact the judge’s clerk, who will make arrangements
• Sharing Screens and Documents - Demonstrated by Nate Cade
• Spotlight Speakers / Pinning Video - Demonstrated
• Waiting Rooms
     o Block scheduling may be done by the court, which means that multiple a.m. hearings may all have the same Meeting ID and Passcode; parties
       will be in a waiting room until their case is called
• Live-Streaming on YouTube / Deleting Videos
     o Some courts are broadcasting hearings via YouTube and then deleting the videos afterwards; this is not being done for guardianships in light of
     the confidential nature of these proceedings
     o Speak slowly and clearly to ensure that everything can be heard so that the record is complete
• The next Bench-Bar Meeting via Zoom will be on Monday, September 14 at 12:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Nancy L. S

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