The legal profession and by extension, the Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) suffers from a lack of diversity. The MBA has taken steps to make the MBA and the Milwaukee legal community more inclusive. To this end, the MBA participated in the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s ‘On the Table’ event in 2018 with diversity as the table topic. Representatives from several specialty bar associations reflecting different nationalities, gender and lifestyles came together to discuss the issue of diversity in the legal profession. From this discussion several strategies were employed: 1.) Creation of a Diversity Steering Committee with members from specialty bar legal organizations with memberships of diverse backgrounds; 2.) Amending the MBA mission statement to ensure this important governing document of the MBA both communicates and continuously serves as a reminder to those in leadership that diversity is a core element of what the MBA strives to accomplish; 3.) Hosting programs at the MBA with a transparent and authentic agenda to discuss the challenges that exist in attracting, retaining and embracing a diverse workforce; and 4.) Creating a funded summer clerkship within the federal court to provide the opportunity for law students from a diverse background to have an experience that will enrich and prepare them for a successful future and give them the resume credibility and connections to do so effectively.

The Milwaukee Bar Association (MBA) is pleased to announce in partnership with the Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation, Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association (EDWBA) and the U.S. District Court, the opportunity to apply for a funded summer clerkship in the Eastern District of Wisconsin with Magistrate Judge Nancy Joseph. This clerkship was created to provide an opportunity to demonstrate particular care for people of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to help make the Milwaukee legal community more inclusive.